Network Resources for the Maximum Clique Finding Problem

by: Deniss Kumlander

Last Update: 21.10.2008



This page currently represents algorithms that were presented in my dissertation. So, if you are interested in more details about algorithms' logic, how those are intended to work and references on other works then you can browse this study for more information.
The following papers are the most novel result of this research and contain latest algorithms' descriptions and definitions

Algorithms' Program Codes

This section primary was organized to provide a detail description of algorithms for programmers. It was very difficult to decide which language to use here, but finally we decided to go with Visual Basic 6.0. It is not an obvious choice for many people, but the reason is very simple - this language is so elementary that nearly any developer can understand that even if he never used that before. So you can understand and re-implement in another programming language.


All those codes or algorithms are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Copyright © 2007 Deniss Kumlander.

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